Ed Czorniak



O: 708.496.0116

F: 708.496.3401

Ed Czorniak is an experienced model maker and tool room machininst. He started E.C. Machining in 1981 renting machines for $5 per hour. Since that time the company has grown larger than he ever imagined. With a staff of more than 30 employees and an ever expanding facility, E.C. Machining is primed for success far into the future.


O: 708.496.0116 

F: 708.496.3401

Drew McGivney

Operations Manager

A 20 year veteran of the trade, Drew has mastered the skills necessary to manage the fast paced environment that E.C. Machining has come to excpect as the norm. From planning to execution of day-to-day operations Drew has proven to be second to none.

Jessica Gutkoska

Office Manager


O: 708.496.0116

F: 708.496.3401

Our Office Manager, Jessica, has surpased her 15 year anniversary with E.C. Machining. Besides handling all logistic and administrative tasks, she ensures that all job information is accurate by establishing the timely tracking of jobs on the shop floor.